All-American Halloween Twitter Chat with BBC America!

This past week, I got a ridiculously exciting email from Ruth Margolis, a positively lovely writer for BBC America.

On Wednesday, October 29th, I’ll be taking part in a Twitter chat on the concept of an all-American Halloween. We’ll probably talk traditions, crafts, costume and party ideas- whatever you guys want! Ruth wrote a really neat article that kicked off the idea, called 13 Hacks for the Perfect American Halloween that you should go read to get pumped.

A bit of background: #MindtheChat is a weekly Twitter chat hosted by BBC America’s very cool blog called Mind the Gap, which talks about American and British culture. Its tagline is “A Brit’s guide to surviving in America.”

Mind the Gap

Go read some of their stuff- it’s pretty hilarious. Here’s one of my favorite quotes from one of Ruth’s articles, “10 Things Brits Say… and What Americans Think We Mean“:

7. What we say: “I got off with this fit bird.”
What Americans hear: “I disembarked with an athletic pigeon.”

Don’t expect Americans to even attempt a translation here. But if they do manage to guess that “got off with” means “made out with”, be sure to clarify that what you mean by “bird.”

And then please stop by and talk with us about the all-American Halloween on Twitter, from 2-3pm EST, on Wednesday. Follow the conversation by using the hashtag #MindTheChat 

Words cannot express how excited I am for this Twitter chat, but perhaps Jeremy Renner can:

Yup, that’ll do.

Thank you so much, Ruth, for this incredible opportunity! I feel very honored to be asked to be part of this. And thank you, everybody, for reading and loving Halloween as much as I do. See you Wednesday!

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