All about this site

I’ve decided to put together a site devoted to my favorite holiday, Halloween. As you can read from my bio, I am a wife and mother who is passionate about Halloween. I’ve been urged by friends and family all through the years to start a Halloween blog and so here it is!

Halloween is such a great holiday because it gives everyone, children and adults alike, the chance to dress up as their favorite character or just be someone else for a day. Some people enjoy the frivolity of it all while others strive to get their costume perfect to the last detail. No matter how you look at it, costumes are the best part of the Halloween Tradition.

These days the choices available when it comes to Halloween costumes are staggering. Favorite costumes of yesteryear are refreshed, new ideas are created to follow trends, and new movie and TV character costumes are created each year. With so many choices, there is bound to be a choice that is a perfect fit for every man, woman, and child. Speaking of, do not forget about couples and group costumes. These options can be a fun way to share the joy of this holiday together. You and your significant other could go as Adam and Eve, Superman and Superwoman, or many other exciting options.

When choosing a costume, do not over look accessories and make up. These can really make look the part that you are going for. What is a pirate without a parrot on his shoulder, or a nurse without a stethoscope? And good what is a zombie without copious amounts of fake blood?

So do some shopping and you will see all the great costumes that are out there. Let your imagination run wild and do not hesitate to mix and match pieces and accessories either, creativity is appreciated when it comes to dressing up.