Evil Easter Bunnies

The excitement of Easter can overwhelm kids with happiness and smiles; excessive free candy, toys and trinkets, hunting for fun filled eggs, and not to mention that adorably happy Easter Bunny.  But not always does that joyful bunny appear so joyful.

Here are a seven examples of how eerie and frightening an Easter Bunny can be.

Terrifying Bunny 2


Terrifying Bunny 3


Terrifying Bunny 4


Terrifying Bunny 5


terrifying Bunny 6


terrifying bunny 7


Terrifying Bunny



Have a Happy Easter, and remember – keep the bunnies friendly because, though the excitement of the holiday can be a lot for a kid to handle, I imagine the fear of a giant human shaped bunny monster is a lot less easy to handle.

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