Surviving Halloween With Kids


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“There is nothing funny about Halloween. This sarcastic festival reflects, rather, an infernal demand for revenge by children on the adult world.”
Jean Baudrillard

I was reading an article about a mom and her son and the family chaos that can ensue when costume selection time comes along. For me, I live and breathe Halloween, and my kids have all long since left the nest, so I sometimes forget how much of a job that can be for young parents.

Whew! I’m exhausted just thinking about the effort involved in getting the wings on right, or tights that fit, or makeup that is not just colorful, but also biodegradable, ecologically-friendly, kid safe and non-toxic, in case the baby starts eating it. Making the most out of Halloween certainly has a great deal of effort involved, and having that amazing Lady Gaga or werewolf costume takes planning.

Naughty, Naughty

When it comes to wrangling a pack of wild monkeys…err, I mean, your delightful children, from the bath into a costume is enough to give most moms a headache. (Suggested Halloween shopping list addition: aspirin.)  I sympathize with all of you parents out there… There’s just so much to do! There are the grandparents who are just dying to see little Colby in his  cowboy outfit, friends who want you to come to their parties, and kids who want to eat the entire bowl of candy in one sitting. Little ones who are scared or big kids that want to pull semi-illegal pranks…then, add to that, school parties, spook alleys, community Halloween events and lots of trick-or-treaters at the doorbell, and you might get Halloweenéd-out.

But, I think it’s all about perspective. For those overachieving moms, take a breather, please…put your feet up, eat some candy! Just like you choose which battles to fight over homework and chores, holiday events need the same attention. If you are a mom already swamped with planning the first grade class fall party, and a neighbor asks you to help her with baking 300 cookies for a holiday bakes sale, is it a good plan for the family or too much of an additional burden? Moms of the world: It’s okay to say no. Practice it with me…say, “I’d love to, but I am just too darn busy! Maybe next time!” and then run into your house and hide under the covers.

For all of the things that parents have to take into consideration during the festivities, Halloween almost always turns out to be an incredible holiday. (I’m counting down the days, as you know.) If you are getting overwhelmed, I do have one idea. The video below is of Jimmy Kimmel and a prank he suggested for parents with kids for Halloween. Nine times out of 10 we all love our kids to pieces, but every now and then, especially during the holidays we might be inclined to pull a prank of our own on them. (My mom showed up at my 4th grade class dressed as the Bride of Frankenstein, and had the teacher call me up to her desk. The teacher then pointed behind her and I turned, saw this ghoulish figure and screamed in front of all the entire fourth grade, which made them completely dissolve into hysterics. Thanks mom!) Anyway, if you don’t have the energy to pull a prank, watching these parents pull one sure cheers me up.


Happy haunting!

Emma Rae Curtis is a costume/dressing up/makeup & accessories expert. She mainly writes about Halloween but also about all things costume and dress-up related.

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Kids around the world count down the days until Christmas but not Emma Rae Curtis. Ever since her first Halloween, Emma has been a huge fan of the magic that is Halloween. While raising her kids, Emma had the time of her life making Halloween costumes and hosting lively Halloween parties. Each Halloween her house is still decorated to the hilt making it a trick or treat favorite in the neighborhood. Emma is an avid researcher, reader and writer of all topics involving Halloween costumes, traditions, decorations, parties, and accessories. At the urging of her friends and family Emma has worked independently as a Halloween writer/researcher since 2001. Emma also does consulting for organizations regarding all things related to Halloween parties, Halloween costumes, and Halloween related information.
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