Top Halloween Movie Picks For Your Halloween Party

Mens Transylvanian Vampire CostumeWhen you are planning any kind of Hallween event that involves large groups, you’ll want to be sure to have a “chill-out area.”

I went to a great vampire costume themed Halloween party a few years ago that was complete with a vintage horse-drawn hearse carriage rides to a local spook alley, black candelabras, and eerie mood music.

However, for the people waiting for their turn on the carriage ride, there wasn’t a much to do.

It was in a section of the property that was away from the music and drinks, and she’d thought to add Halloween lighting, but if you were in line with people you didn’t know, it could make for an awkward silence. My solution to this problem is to have a few flat screen TVs set up with Halloween movies playing. This also works well as an ice breaker for teen parties, since they’ll often act out their favorite scene from “Scary Movie” or another popular horror flick.

***BIG TIP: You don’t want to put in just any movie, however. You’ll want to keep the audience in mind: Don’t make it too scary for young kids and don’t make it too tame for adults. I had a friend throw a slumber party for a group of 4th grade girls, and she elected to show one of those slasher horror films. It ended with crying kids, angry parents and a sleepless night for everyone. It was hilarious, except that the party wasn’t what you would think of as a success. (I know, I am evil.)***

My Top Halloween Movie Picks

  • Bride of Frankenstein- A classic!
  • Interview With A Vampire
  • Bram Stoker’s Dracula
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show-great dance-able music, fun theatrics and wild party fun.
  • It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
  • Who could skip the original “Halloween” with scream-queen Jamie Lee Curtis? (Did you know she is appearing at the Horror Hound Con?)
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas Games Wallpaper: The Nightmare Before Christmas - Oogie's Revenge
  • Scary Movie
  • The Mummy- Brendan Frazier is great in it.
  • The Nightmare on Elm Street. That silhouette still gives me the creeps. 
  • Emma Rae Curtis is a costume/dressing up/makeup & accessories expert. She mainly writes about Halloween but also about all things costume and dress-up related.

About Emma Rae Curtis

Kids around the world count down the days until Christmas but not Emma Rae Curtis. Ever since her first Halloween, Emma has been a huge fan of the magic that is Halloween. While raising her kids, Emma had the time of her life making Halloween costumes and hosting lively Halloween parties. Each Halloween her house is still decorated to the hilt making it a trick or treat favorite in the neighborhood. Emma is an avid researcher, reader and writer of all topics involving Halloween costumes, traditions, decorations, parties, and accessories. At the urging of her friends and family Emma has worked independently as a Halloween writer/researcher since 2001. Emma also does consulting for organizations regarding all things related to Halloween parties, Halloween costumes, and Halloween related information.
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