Halloween Party Games and Activities

Halloween  celebrations are usually about the costume party and games. Party and activities are just a way to lighten up the mood of the celebrations. Whether your party is only for the young goblins or is for grown-ups, there has to be some fun element to it that can be achieved with the help of some exciting games and activities.

There are several traditional games that are popularly played during the Halloween celebrations. If you are looking for some non-traditional games and exciting activities to have a bash in the party, we have some suggestions for you. You can blend traditional games and activities with some unique party ideas and surprise your guests and let them have cherishing memories and look forward to the next party hosted by you.

Games and Activities for Halloween

Pot Luck

Potluck parties, may it be for any gathering or party, can be fun and adds a tinge of creativity to the celebrations. This way you can add some unique variety to the party menu too. Ensure that the recipes are fun for both adults and kids alike. Ask your guests to bring simple side dishes that can compliment your main course.

Pumpkin-based recipes can be nutritious but creepy to match the Halloween party theme. Basic potluck recipes such as cupcakes and cookies can be a little modified to make it Party ready.

Costume Designs

Host a party with a fun activity in it, costume designs! Arrange the required material for costume designs such as card stock, acrylic color, scissors, paints, pumpkins, devil nails, and hats. Ask your young guests to design a costume for themselves.

This activity can engage youngsters in creativity and give the host the time to organize other elements of the party. Once, the ids have finished making the costume, ask them to don the same and have a costume parade so that the other guests can admire their creativity. You can even keep prizes for the best costume, and maybe give more than one award, such as a best witch costume, or best vampire costume.

Pin the Nose on Jack-o-Lantern

This is a childhood favorite game and can be entertainment for all the guests to your party. Cut out a nose to be pinned to the jack-o-lantern face carved pumpkin. Send each blindfolded child from a distance and ask him to pin the nose on the carved pumpkin placed on a table. Click a photograph of  how the child has pinned the nose and show it to him later.

Halloween Pinata

This activity can let kids vent some aggression and at the same time shriek with delight to receive rewarding sweets. You can either purchase a pinata or make it at home with balloons or card paper.

Fill the completed pinatas with treats, sweets, candies, small prizes, and other decoration items. Hang the pinata from the ceiling or a tree in the front yard. Let kids be blindfolded and under supervision, ask them to swing bats in an attempt to open the pinata to grab the sweets.

Eyeball Relay

Relay races have been a favorite sports activity of children.  Get a little creative with this sports activity and induce some creepy stuff to suit the holiday party. Draw eyes on table tennis balls and for that additional eerie look, add some red color to it so as to disguise oozing blood from the eyeball. Divide the children in teams of 3 or 4 each. Give one eyeball and a spoon each to a team. Ask every team to start the race and hand over the eyeball to the next representative at the stipulated spot. The team finishing the race first will win a prize.

Halloween party games and activities induces fun and excitement to the holiday celebration. If you have to host a party for the first time and you need some party ideas and suggestions for games, you may visit Halloweeney.com. Hope the above given games and activities stimulate your creativity and help you organize a successful Halloween party.

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