The Jilted Bride

here comes the bride?

One of my favorite costumes is the jilted bride. I love it so much because it’s such a creative way to recycle old wedding dresses from thrift stores while also showing off your flair. Besides, why should you only wear a fancy white gown once? Here are my tips on how to make the best jilted bride ever:

1. Find a old white gown/dress that fits comfortably. If you’re a seamstress, any old dress will do. Tear the hem, rip the sleeves, wrinkle it up. Make it look well worn and then some. Do the same with a matching veil.

2. Use about 6-8 tea bags, black teas are best. Fill a large sink or bucket with water and then soak the dress and veil for at least 30 minutes or until they take on a yellowish hue. Drain the sink and squeeze the excess water out of the dress and veil, hang dry.

3. At this point you have several options, you can decide to be a zombie bride, or the most famous jilted bride, Miss Havisham from Charles Dicken’s immortal Great Expectations. Also a Runaway bride, or the Corpse Bride. Depending on what you choose to be you may or may not add dirt, blood or makeup to the dress itself. If you do decide to add blood, dusting talcum powder over the fake blood can make it look aged. You can also attach plastic insects or spiders using hot glue or a needle and thread. If you want the stains to look realistic, rub the gown in the grass outside to get some grass and dirt stains.

4. Finishing touches include wearing a grey wig, grey or white makeup, maybe some blue streaks to your hair. Blood red lipstick or pale pink. Depending on how formal you want to be. Add powder to your wig to make it look dusty and old.
Other fun variations with this costume include making the jilted bride into a falling bride. You could wire up the gown and veil to look as though you were falling from a very tall building or bridge. Make sure to have layered petticoats that are in various states of disarray to complete the look. You can also carry a bouquet or wear a crown as optional accessories.

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