Thank You Robert Burns You Are The…

The name for Halloween comes Scotland. Apparently, it’s a Scottish contraction derived from “All Hallow’s Eve.” The day before All Souls Day, which in Scotland is referred to All Hallowed Souls day.

In Scotland, instead of pumpkins, families hollow out potatoes or turnips and put a lit candle inside. They also make special cakes for the souls of the dead called soul cakes or dirge loaves. The cakes are traditionally made out of oat flour. Here’s a link to a recipe I found for soul cakes, they sound delicious.

Halloween was originally based on a sun festival called “Samhain” which was created by the Celts to mark the end of summer and harvest. Celebrantswould make a huge bonfire together and use torches to bring home the fire to burn through the dark winter days. The bonfires symbolized the sun and would chase away evil sprits.

In 1785 a Scottish poet named Robert Burns wrote a poem about Halloween that’s all about the supernatural. In the poem he talks about witches, celebrations and the traditional turnip lanterns.

Several websites suggest that trick or treating is new to Scottish children. Before children just dressed up as evil spirits on Halloween to protect them from the evil sprits that many believed to be wandering around on that night. Many times instead of treats they would be given something to help them ward off evil. Today, most people expect children arriving at a Halloween party to perform a party trick or song. What a great way to curb sugar overload!

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